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Barcode Alpha contains built-in functionality for displaying and printing data retrieved from ODBC compliant databases. Once ODBC/JDBC connection has established, data retrieved from database can be used as source column for printing barcodes or other elements of stickers. 

Intuitive GUI tool named “Database connection wizard” can be invoked from application toolbar to create database connection. This tool enables selection of databases and source tables/columns.
Since each database contains specific connection parameters this is not going to be further discussed in this manual. Specifying database connection requires basic knowledge of database parameters and SQL syntax so this is recommended for advanced users and/or administrators. Users familiar with database connectivity should have no problem establishing database connection since this tool offers pre- configured set of settings for most databases including ORACLE, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgress …(connecting to some databases may require additional ODBC or JDBC driver downloads).

However, if you need any assistance configuring database connection, don’t hesitate to ask for a free tech support at any time.

Please use following link to place free support ticket:
http://www.barcodealpha.com/support.php  or e-mail us at graphic