Code128 B

Check digit: (Modulo 103) - Automatically calculated by Barcode alpha software.
Use: General purpose / Warehouse / Shipping and distribution
Length: Variable length (any length)
Supported characters: From 32. to 127. (included) ASCII character (numbers, both upper and lower case letters, and some ASCII characters)
Class: Alphanumeric Symbology
Special notes: none

Code 128 is a very high density alphanumeric bar code, and Code 128 B is a subset of it which can encode ASCII characters from 32. position to 127. (included). There is no restriction on the number of characters allowed in each symbol, and this barcode may be scanned bidirectionally.

A Code 128 is used in similar applications as the Code 39, that is warehousing and distribution. It is frequently used in the UCC/EAN 128 format for shipping labels. Journals use the Code 128 in creating the Sisac code.