Code128 C

Check digit: (Modulo 103) - Automatically calculated by Barcode alpha software.
Use: General purpose / Warehouse / Shipping and distribution
Length: Variable length (any length)
Supported characters: Numbers only
Class: Numeric Symbology
Special notes: Subset C requires there to be an even number of characters, and if there isn't application Barcode alpha inserts leading zero.

Code 128 is a very high density alphanumeric bar code, and Code 128 C is a subset of it which can encode numbers only. There is no restriction on the number of characters allowed in each symbol, and this barcode may be scanned bidirectionally.

A Code 128 is used in similar applications as the Code 39, that is warehousing and distribution. It is frequently used in the UCC/EAN 128 format for shipping labels. Journals use the Code 128 in creating the Sisac code.