Code 39

Check digit: none - Code 39 is self-checking
Use: non-retail environments/ health industry/ military (used by the United States Department of Defense)/ Automotive
Length: Variable length
Supported characters: A - Z, 0 - 9, space, '-', '.', '$', '/', '+', '%'
Class: Alphanumeric Symbology
Special notes: Encoded string should start and end with an asterisk (*). If it isn't Barcode alpha will enclose string with asterisk(s).

An alphanumeric bar code type which can encode capital letters, numbers and 7 special characters.
CODE39 is a barcode developed by Intermec in 1975. It is a barcode in which a maximum of 43 alphanumeric characters and symbols can be coded.
Since CODE 39 can alpha alphabets, it is considered to be indispensable for industrial applications. It is widely used for factory automation in the automotive, electric, and electronic industries.
CODE39 was named after its format in which three of nine bars or spaces are wider than the others. Asterisk (*) is considered as start/stop character.