Check digit: (Modulo 10) - Automatically calculated by Barcode alpha software.
Use: Retail (consumer goods)
Length: 8 digits (7 digits + 1 check digit)
Supported characters: 0 - 9
Class: Numeric-Only Symbology
Special notes:  

EAN-8 - short version of EAN-13.
An EAN-8 barcode is a 2- or 3-digit number system code followed by a 4- or 5-digit product code. The EAN-8 product codes are assigned directly by the numbering authority. There is no way to translate an EAN-8 code to an EAN-13 equivalent. EAN-8 is encoded using the three EAN-13 character sets. EAN-8 also has a check digit that is calculated in the same way as EAN-13.